Mastersound Evo 845 or Line Magnetic 219ia

Looking for triode integrated with a little more power. Anybody have experience with these integrates?
Thanks Pat
Nobody has any experience with either? Wow!
Bought the Line Magnetic 211IA and being on very good terms with the distributor he let me have the 219A on demo.
Built like a tank sounds simply magic would buy one in a heart beat if I had the bucks.

Great sounding amp had no Trouble Driving Vandersteen 2CE Signatures.
My Cornscalas and KG4's loved it.
I am Saving hard to afford one.

If the 211IA is anything to go buy which in its own right is a great amp, well built has not drifted in Bias in near on 3 years of dally use and has never missed a beat.

I Can recommend the Brand not one stitch of trouble from any the distributor has sold in my Country.
The Evo is one of the best integrated amp in the world... Its in the different league from other one you ve mentioned. Its even better than Audio Note Japaneses models, price notwithstanding, and yes I ve compared them  extensively, granted not the same set up, but still .. The only ones comparable to it is New Audio Frontier, also from Italy... There was a dealer from Arizona here not long ago adverting the Evo for $7500, which is an absolute steal!!!! I doubt you d find anything approaching it at sane pricing.
kot, did you listen to the LineMagnetic with stock or NOS tubes? Just curious. 
I never listened to the Evo, but I can tell you about the Line Magnetic; not only the LM219, but also the LM518 and the LM508. All of them sound amazing! The 219 is the best, presenting a wider, bigger soundstage together with more clarity and presence.  It's almost like having the musicians in your room.
The 518 is not so detailed but is more dynamic and punchy.
And the 508 is a powerful beast, able to drive any speaker with its 48W of pure SET power. Not sounding so refined and "full bodied" as the 219, but with great bass and detail.
As for the build quality and parts used, they are top notch! Kind of an industrial looks but with superb details.
I'm planning to buy one of these soon, maybe the 518. Need to audition them again.

I have the 518ia, I swapped in NOS GE 6L6GCs & 12ax7s, and NOS Mullard 5AR4, they take the amp to another level
I listened to the 219ia for four times so far. In two occasions it was using the stock valves and in other two auditions it was running valves from Genalex and from FullMusic. And yes, there was a difference with the latter setup for the better.
As for the 518ia, I listened to that amplifier for 3 times and was always running the stock valves - which impressed me a lot! I have to trust you about swapping for better ones, it must go to another level!
I have one thing to add to this discussion. I have been using the LM Audio 216ia for about 3 years now and I really like it a lot. I had a minor issue with it and LM Audio fixed it by replacing the transformer and I paid for shipping and labor. I had the 219ia as a loaner it it was even sweeter.
With LM Audio they have basically engineered those amps with an older American Western Electric design. That is why they sound so good.
Some Chinese audio companies have an affinity for those older American designs.... which IMO are very, very good.