Mastersound 845 Evolution/Unison Res. Performance

Has anybody compared these two integrated amp.; Unison Research Performance vs Mastersound 845 Evolution?
Would they be a good match with Ascendo C8 speakers (6ohm/88dB)?
I haven't heard the combinations you seek to hear peoples experience. I did look the amps up however.
the Unison Research Performance integrated lists specs that would drive your speakers especially if you play music with moderately amounts of low impedance passages.
The Mastersound appears capable as well, with their stress on the value of their carefully built and employed output transformer. This is on paper only however. Neither of them seem ideally suited to your choice of speaker.
Is there any way you can check the potential synergy between these two potential systems. I suppose you would have tried that already, but your concern is real especially if you want to play your music loudly into a large space with demanding music.
I know that I have restated the obvious, for the most part but perhaps other will join in. Good Luck and Best
P.S. I always love the tone of 845s
Thanks for your response.
No, there is no way, in real life, that I can check the synergy between one of those two amps and Ascendo C8. I own a pair of Ascendo’s and I appreciate them immensely but I would like to get some tube flavor in my system. I know that separates are safer way to get better sounds (but also more complicated and expensive); it seems that these amps are nicely done and that their preamp section is also good (I think that in many integrated amps nowadays manufacturers are making compromises on preamp sections).