Mastering for CD vs. Vinyl

I just purchased BUILT TO SPILL's "YOU IN REVERSE" on CD and while the music is good the mastering of this CD makes it virtually un-listenable. This is by far the worst sounding record that I've purchased this year.
There is a double LP planned for this album but I don't want to waste another $17 just to get the same lousy production in a different format.
Note: the bad-sounding CD isn't a 'digital' problem, it is a case of absolute incompetence in the studio.
Thanks for the heads up....I will steer clear of this release.
You might ask this question on Steve Hoffman's forum.
I love Built To Spill so much that I don't care how bad the mastering is. How can you tell that the problem is in the mastering stage? That also just seems so weird to me that someone would avoid a great music release because the sound is a bit off. I guess I'm more a music fan than a system fan. I'm planning on picking up the vinyl so I will compare them. One tip it asap because all of Built To Spill's vinyl becomes instantly collectible and usually goes for big bucks.
Exilibris, I just took a look at your system, and I'm convinced that it's just not up to the caliber of the recording. Only kidding...incredible system you have!

I'm with Synthfreek on this one. Built to Spill is such an amazing rock band that I'll take 'em any way I can get 'em.
Thanks for the compliment. Yup, they are a great band.
Please let us know how the vinyl compares with the CD.
Exilibris, Are you sure it is not your CD front end? May be ML and Zanden don't match up ......
Well I am kidding too, of course.

Don't worry about $17 more for the LP. I just saw the "Keep it like a secret" LP for $50 at Amoeba Music in Hollywood today. I should have bought it!, but in hurry to get out quickly to beat the traffic, with mother load of LPs in my hand, it was overlloked at the last minute!

May be mastering process is to blame. I have had experiences other way around too. For example the white stripes' "elephant' sounds ok on CD but screechy on LP!!
Thank you. I will pick up the LP only because the music is so good. I just hope I can play it at realistic levels without my ears starting to bleed. I played the CD again tonight at a volume so low that it was like I was watching a 19" black & white TV between my speakers (if you know what I mean).