Masterdisk in deadwax question

I have a copy of the Police Synchronicity and on one side it has MASTERDISK RL and on the other side it just says MASTERDISK with nothing else.  I take it that Robert Ludwig mastered the one side but did he sign every side or just one side?
There’s a modest thread on Hoffman that addresses this question. I have a few copies of this record, probably one is a Quiex, I would have to look. I’m not sure there is a "rule" and it may depend on the particular record and when it was pressed. I never drilled down on this record in particular so can’t tell you much about it.
It certainly wasn’t unusual for a record to have a stamper for one side combined with a stamper cut by another mastering engineer on the flip side. I know when Ludwig was at Sterling, there were instances where his inscription appeared only on one side and there was some discussion that the flip side of one record, which may have had Lee Hulko’s initials, essentially followed the same mastering instructions. One was to get more information is to look at the inscriptions on both sides- sequential numbering? Same style of writing? Sorry I don’t have more info.
I did read somewhere while he was at masterdisk, often he did sign only one side. The Police record in particular does sound like it was mastered by ludwig on both sides even if his signature is only on one side. The sound is very similar in presentation on both sides.
sometimes he did'nt even sign the disk.