Master Master Control MMC 3A Serie Reference Speakers

I've used mostly electrostatic speakers for over 30 years going back to them each time I've experimented with other technologies. Most recently I purchased the Martin Logan Ethos and sold the Odysseys which I had owned for about 14 years. I thought the Ethos' were to be my forever speakers (I'm 73 so probably not an unrealistic goal). Last week, however, a friend had me listen to the pair of 20 year old bookshelf speakers described in the title of this post.

These speakers were pretty expensive when new in the mid nineties and from the little I've been able to research, were highly acclaimed but I thought that in no way could they compete with my new ML's. I was wrong to the extent that I'm trying to decide which set to keep, leaning toward keeping the MMC's.

I've found very little information on these but it's my understanding that the ones I bought are the rare original models with hand made carbon fiber woofers and what is described as minimal crossover circuitry between it and the tweeter driver. I think all it really is is capacitive filtration limiting frequencies to the tweeter to those over 5000Hz and I have no idea what the tweeter is.

Anyway, if anyone can give me some info or opinions on these very nice sounding speakers it would be very much appreciated.
These are very very good speakers with a somewhat limited low frequency extension. They were probably made in either FRance or Switzerland. The brass binding posts and jumpers may be a limiting factor in their performance, but as you;ve heard, they're pretty darn good. A Canadian mag (UHF, I think) ran some reviews of the early Ref 3A (aka Innovac)speakers and was very enthusiastic about them.
Thank you, Swampwalker. I too was concerned about their ability to handle lower frequencies so bought a small high end sub (29-200Hz) from the same guy. The MMCs are rated to 40Hz which more than satisfies most of my listening but there are times when some bass fortification will be necessary. I'm glad I found someone who has knowledge of these; the Internet is nearly devoid of discussions on them.