Master Clock Experience with Esoteric GO-s?

I am interested in hearing of anyone's experience with this device to go with Esoteric equipment specifically PO-3/DO-3
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The answer is definitely yes, the TEAC G0S clock enhances presence, staging and imaging, and perhaps even authority on the TEAC P03/D03 combo. Conversely, I did not perceive any effect of the same clock on the single box X-01 Limited.
My experience adding the G-0s clock to the P-03U/D-03 combo is that everything quite simply got much better; imaging, instrument placement, musicality, achievement of 'truth AND beauty', etc.....

I was not really aware of how much of a difference it made
(over the option of clocking the P-03U to the clock in the
D-03) until after burn-in, I removed the clock and played the
same tracks again.

Suffice it to say, the G-0s is in my setup to stay!
Tnanks very much for your help. This will make my decision a lot easier
You are very welcome....let me know if you need my assistance offline (email/phone), I'm not a dealer or associated with one but am always glad to help!
I have just added the GO-s clock to my P-O3/D-O3 combination. It is amazing what this device does. it makes already great sound utterly fantastic. I appreciate the advice that I received since it made this a relatively easy deciison
Glad to hear you went for it! I did experience a need to break it in similar to other components. At least 100 hours seems to be necessary.

What are you using for clock-sync cables?

You're right; it is truly amazing what that does for the sound and musicality of the resulting playback!
this clock is the new one with rubidium?
Kops, both G0S and G0Rb are Rubidium clocks.
I am using Nordost valhalla digital cable with BNC terminations. I am also using valhalla digital xlr to connect the PO-3 and DO-3