massive brass plate for isolation

Walker Valid Points and Mapleshade cones are made of brass. Brass seems to be a good material to be used as cones/component feet. Have anyone tried a massive (one inch thick) brass plate as a component base? It could be awesome!

I haven't tried a massive brass plate, but I'm not sure it would be awesome. I would think it may have more of a tendency to ring or resonant sound on it's own. I could be wrong, as I know some have turntable's with 75 pound brass platters and no complaints. However, I'm happy with 2-3 inch think slabs of maple wood with brass cone footers.

Dissimilar materials used together are going to work the best. Sistrum was making a rack our of massive brass shelves and legs, that was supposed to sound great, but I don't know if they ever got off the ground with it...

Mixing materials with different resonant frequencies will offer the best solution when it comes to building a rack, or shelf. Try some alternating layers of different materials and see how that affects the sound...



Keep in mind cymbals are made of brass. They ring. Size determines
at what frequency they resonate at, ask any drummer. Just a thought.
If your looking to isolate a TT especially with spiked feet, I've been experimenting with 1" thick plate of aluminuim braced on the bottom with cross bars of 3/4" square aluminuim. I've had some great results so far as a top to DIY sandboxes. A couple of manufactors will cut plate aluminuim to size for you. A 20x24" plate 1" thick cost me about $200 delivered to my door.

Sorry to not answer the thread question. I really do not know about the brass.
Savant Audio advised me to try using a 2-3" thick Delrin sheet screwed directly up against the base of component and then to use the Walker cones and disks below that.
My sense is that a brass plate would simply transmit vibrations, and perhaps ring into the bargain, as others have suggested. You need Isolation to improve the performance, a slab of any resonant material, absent anything else, will not give you that.