Masseto break-in time

I just installed the Masseto today and have thus far been playing FM and vinyl, because the Wadia is back in Saline ror its second repair in ten months. Can any experienced users advise me how long it will take for the Masseto to open up ?
I really noticed a huge improvement in mine at around 150 hours. Incredible preamp!
Send it to me..I will break it in for you..Break in is about 5 Years !!!!!
ha ha ha, very funny. BTW - ya know anyone who might need their dCS Scarlatti broken in ?
That's about when the Sophia 3's will completely open up - maybe I can plan it for Christmas Day. Already, the detail it captures from even non-audiophile LP's is jaw-dropping.
"Already, the detail it captures from even non-audiophile LP's is jaw-dropping."

Yes, if the Massetto in is like my Monbrison, you should be enjoying it very much within the first few notes. What amp are you using to drive the Sophia's. Art Dudley drove the
the Sophia 2's w/ Corton-Charlemagne's and a Massetto in
his Sophia review. What cartridge are you using. Congrats
on the Massetto.
Oh, absolutely from turn-on ! The Masseto is a musical instrument itself. I use the VAC Renaissance 70/70 and a cartridge original with the TriPlanar, vintage 1996 - an AudioQuest 7000. I'm looking for a new cartridge which will shake hands well with the preamp and now also a digital front-end to replace the Wadia 270/27 combo, vintage also 15 years old. Any suggestions ?
If it is compatible with your tonearm and you do not mind having to use a SUT, I have found the EMT JSD5 to be terrific with the Masseto. The turntable is the Ayre-DPS with Mr. Bauer's excellent new tonearm.
thanks for your cartridge recommendation; I noticed in the dagogo review an email address for Shindo - sounds promising already. See my thread about my Wheaton Tri-Planar arm for the problem with it since day one. So I must ask what is the name of Mr. Bauer's tonearm ?
Dr John - I am embarrassed to admit I don't know the name of Mr. Bauer's tonearm. He designed it specifically for the Ayre-DPS, but I assume it can be used with other tables. Any Ayre dealer should be able to tell you more. My dealer is Don Better of Don Better Audio - a heck of a nice guy and extremely knowledgeable about all things audio, especially vinyl.

BTW - I agree with other posters about the superb sonic quality of the Masseto right out of the box. I heard that too, same as with my Aurieges. But my Masseto really seemed to start strutting its "best" stuff after about 150 hours of use. Since that time, nothing but sonic bliss!