Mass Fidelity Core

Anyone heard the Core?  Very interesting product...
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I was in the Apple Core.
Sorry, I was referring to the new bluetooth Mass Fidelity Core.  Interesting concept: Wave Field Synthesis.
I own 2 of them and must say I love them. I bought them when I attended a product demo in Toronto. I also prepurchased the subwoofer. Any questions ask away?

I am looking closely at the Core, because Wave Field Synthesis seems like a whole new ballgame in consumer speakers.

I do need to fill a rather large room, at decent volume. Music only.

I was strongly considering the Beoplay A9, but with the Core out, I wonder if it may be an alternative to it?

I've tried to find a retailer in the Toronto region - I called 12 from the MF web site - I was told by a couple of the retailers Mass Fidelity has had trouble getting the units to them. Even some on line customers were left hanging (again, from the retailer)

I would really like to hear one before buying.

if anyone knows of a retailer in the Toronto Region?

I believe the Core is currently available on Amazon.

Re. filling a large room:  it sounds really good, but perhaps not quite enough bass to fill a large room, depending on much bass you like.  I am playing it in a large room with very high ceilings, and I am very impressed with the sound.

I know Mass Fidelity raised enough money that they also made a wireless subwoofer to go with the Core.  Not sure if it's been released yet.
Mezzrow - thanks for the feedback.

I've bee waiting to hear it for myself and I have been in touch with Mass Fidelity that assures me it will be in one of the local store very soon.

You are correct in that they have a separate sub woofer, but it's still not available just yet.

The promote its ability to "replace" a pair of speakers with a similar image but with more dimension

Is this what you are finding

Many Thanks
A Note to Canadian Readers....

The price shown on the Mass Fidelity site is actually US dollars - but you only find that out when you get to PayPal :-(

Yet again, Canadian's get stiffed for a product from our own country

Mass Fidelity should at least state the currency is US$ up front - like Parts Connexion does