mas black speaker cables/URGENT

has anyone had any experience with these cables as i may bid on a pair. if so please tell all.
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I purchased a pair of RCA interconnects directly from Stu they are reasonable but you will not be getting the best cable in the world just a good cable at a great price.

Hope this helps.
Can't comment on the speaker cable, but I do agree with Bigkidz, I used a 40 foot run of their black interconnect for many years and it was a good, solid cable. Its errors were more of subtraction (i.e., loss of low level detail) than any particular colorations.
Stu is retired to Florida, but makes these in his shop, and is selling them for the wholesale price he use to charge dealers. The Cable Company use to sell all of Stu's cables. The Black speaker cables actually have a totally separate cable for + and - terminals. They are popular with electrostatic speakers, so should be very transparent.

On interconnects for about $30 more than the Black, I recommend Stu's Grey version. The Grey version use to be recemmended by Wadia and Stereophile. Wadia use to include one with their DACs for use as a digital cable. The Black interconnect has a nice write up online at Soundstage, who felt it was one of the best cables under $100 (old retail price); as good and more neutral than the Kimber PBJ. The Grey has better resolution and clarity than the Black. Stu makes a couple nice power cords also, that were recommended by Electrocompaniet and once sold under their label.

how do you get in contact with stu? web site? email?
Try email
I recently bought a pair of MAS Grey 1-m RCA-terminated interconnects from Stu Wein at Sugarbrie's suggestion, and was very pleased with the results. The price was reasonable ($75 + $5 S&H), the service was prompt and courteous, the cables were obviously well-constructed with high quality connectors, they made an audible improvement in the sound of my system, and they proved to be non-fatiguing in extended listening. I would definitely recommend them to anybody with a moderately priced system. For a lot more money, you might possibly find somewhat better cables, but these are great for the money and I am fully satisfied with them.