Mary Chapin Carpenter

I just learned that Mary Chapin Carpenter has released a new cd. She's a fav of mine. I particularly love her ballads and other slow poetic and melodic offerings...the sad and bittersweet Has anyone heard it? Like it?
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She's a big fav of mine as well, I have most all if not all of her previous releases. I picked up her latest last week and it's up to her usual high standards, quite enjoyable.
I bought "The Calling" a couple of days ago, and gave it quite a thrashing on the weekend. I must have played it 5 or 6 times in a row.

Excellent from the start and just got better as I started to assimilate the music. Good sound, as you would expect. It's been a long time since "time * sex * love *" and that was a good one - and so is this.