Marvin Gaye "What's Going On" new 45RPM MOFI UD1S

I've had this title for short while now and have listened to it several times.

First off, completely FLAT pressing and pristine surfaces...very quiet.  Box and accessories, are again, top-notch.

The sound is very dynamic and open, but is a smidgen bright on my system.  It seems to me, (I have all of these UD1S releases) that the newer/next title(s) have been this way also?  They progressively get brighter with each release.  Maybe it's me, but that's what I am hearing.  Not a ton so, but just a tad tipped up.

I do have a US & UK copy of this title and this UD1S does indeed sound better, but not as much of a difference as with some of the other titles.  I also have the MOFI ORG first version of this and it's really close.  Yes, the UD1S is better, but by a slim margin.

Try the song "Mercy Mercy Me" or the title track "What's Going On" to hear what this format can do.

I noticed that MOFi is now calling the Ultra Disc 1 Step (UD1S) "Super Vinyl" in all their marketing.  Maybe there is a new Avenger in the wings...   :-)
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I think it interesting that many a’philes seem to forget this simple point...The original recording is only going to be as great as the master tape. If the master tape has issues, either recording or condition, then any reissue will only be as great as that master. In the case of the UD1s Simon and Garfunkel BOTW, the original master tape was quite veiled, as such all future pressings are veiled ( including the just released UD1s!)
Unfortunately, I question whether MFSL actually care about the original tape SQ, or whether the original has potential for maximum sales. So far, the latter seems to be the case. The upcoming UDS1 SRV LP of Texas Flood, is a good example of this, IMO. The original tape is just marginal in regards to SQ, the reissue by AP demonstrates this...the new UD1s...what’s the point, same problem IMHO???  IOW, all MFSL is doing is making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, LOL