Martn Logan ElectroMotion ESL stereo loudspeakers

I recently purchased these, have not heard them yet, I plan to use them with a Cary 200, the stereo version of the Cary 500 monoblock. I will submit my impression when I have the room redecorated and these set up. I will be presently surprised if they have a sound close to the ML middle of the road electrostatic. They look better than I imagined. It does surprise me the ML would sell an electrostatic for under 2 grand a pair!
Martin Logan has always had a lower priced pair of ESL speakers. The original Aerius was $1995, the Aerius i was $2300, the Sequel was $2495, so not that unusual.

I was a Martin Logan dealer for many years. One of my favorite brands of speakers ever.

I have heard the Electromotion ESL and they are wonderful. I think you're really going to like them.
MLs are special when done well.
I had the SL-3's and thought they were great. Not the best speaker I ever had, but better tham most. I wonder how the SL-3's compare to current models?
I’m having the room carpeted before I set up the whole system. I may move them and let them burn it a bit. I will be using an LS 15 with the Cary, Esoteric and my new Oppo 105D as source. The whole system uses another preamp and amp for SACD with multichannel, which I do not use by placing the surround speakers to the rear. Mainly this is about the Martin Logan, I mention the other gear as it is part of my time delay.

I hope I like them, a friend of mine has a higher level ML and I really like his system, although he uses two BAT VK 60 tube amps modified into monoblocks.