MartinLogan Ascents/Quicksilver M80 monoblock amps

MartinLogan Ascents: sensitivity 90 dB/ 2.83 volts/meter,
impedance 4 ohms,1.2 ohms at 20 Hz. How would my Quicksilver M80 dual monoblock tube amps sound with the Ascents? Would there be enough power to hear the Ascents' potential? Would the M80s match better with the Ascents than they would with the ReQuests?
Thanks very much for your help!
The M80's will do just fine with the Ascents - later you may want to biamp them with a SS on the bottom and the M80's on the top. This will bring the Ascents to a new level. I do this with my Odysseys and a Mcintosh 2102 (tube) /Mac 352 (SS). The Ascents are a little easier load than the Request and a bit more efficient.
I do not have direct experience with the ML ascents, but all ML speakers are very similiar, so ... I use a VAC 80/80 (same powere as your Quicksilver)with Martin Logan Aerius i and it is a great match (much better than the more powerful Krell 300i which I originally used). My neighbor matched his ML Quest Z's with an AR 100 watt/ch tube amp (in a hugh room) and it was, again, great and much better than his original Aragon 200 wpc power amp. So, in terms of power, I don't think you will have any problem, but you might not get the same bass control as a very powerful ss amp (>200 wpc)