Martin Scorsese. The Blues.

Normally not much of a tv/dvd watcher, though just received the 7 dvd box set as a gift for my birthday.
So far i have only seen two, British blues,and piano blues. Realy enjoyed seeing current footage of Jeff Beck(he's still got it) also great to see Doctot John and Prof.Longhair playing solo.
Posted this as a recommendation for those who may not have seen it.
Also would be interested to hear from others who enjoyed the films.
This was an excellant series with a different director for each episode. Some are even better than others. The one from the kid's perspective as he follows the man around as he visits various bars and girlfriends is a bit wierd.

The CD collection is very will mixed and will sound wonderful on the best of systems. You get the whole songs in a high quality format.
I am sorry to spoil the party but I think that the Martin Scorsese series was one of the poorest description of Blues music ever. It did have its moments, but Scorsese focused on new and upcoming artists who were more R&B. Hardly any mention of Howling Wolf, Elmore James, Fleetwood Mac (Old) Any and all Swamp Blues, Chicago Electric etc. And at the end where Scorsese ties roots of rap music to the blues, this is a disgrase. It was shameful what the director conciders blues. It is as if he was promoting specific artists reflecting his own terrible taste. There was also a movie put out along the same line as this series. When you start out with a flawed understanding of a type of music, contiuning with your philosophy will lead to a greater error.