Martin logans or Dali Euphonia

I really need help regarding this two curent speakers are ,ascent,theater,aeon.Do you guys think or know is the Dali euphonia Ms4,Rs3,Cs4 ,will sound more detail,dynamic,bigger sound stage than my logans.I need to have a feedback as soon as possible, before I take a dessicion.any imput will be highly apreciated.

IMHO, the two speaker lines sound nothing alike. The Euphonias are nice as are the MLs (I've had MLs and have listened to the Euphonias several times). If you get many responses, it will be completely based on personal preference and will be EXTREMELY system-dependent. WAF is completely different as well if that's a factor...

For what it is worth, I would personally tilt towards the MLs with high-powered tube amplification, assuming that your room is up to the task. For the same money, I might choose something else. Then again, I prefer chocolate ice cream to vanilla, don't really like bruce springsteen, and am a morning person rather than an evening person. That and 59 yen gets you a 59 yen hamburger at McD's where I live... :^)
Any more imput ,please
The Martin Logans are more transparent and have a bigger soundstage. The MS4 & MS5 are more dynamic but have multiple crossover points where the Logans have just one. The Dalis are easier to set up and not as critical as the Logans are for room placement. IF the Logans are set up PROPERLY (most aren't), they will be hard to beat! In fact after setting up mine I didn't even need the center channel speaker!! It just takes time and patience.
I listened to many speakers, including the ML Ascent and Aeon, before deciding to buy the Dali Euphonia MS4, CS4, and RS3. I definitely agree with the previous response that the choice is very system dependent and taste dependent.

I really like the Dali Euphonia so far. The detail, resolution, and soundstage of these speakers are amazing. They are extremely musical and involving speakers, with excellent dynamics. Overall, I have been very pleased. My only complaint is the slightly thin bass, especially for movies. However, I have a very large (15'x21'x17'H) room with openings. This room is a very challenging room for bass. Finding a subwoofer to adequately match the Euphonia is difficult and expensive, and I am still looking.

I would recommend trying to arrange an in home audition if at all possible. This way you can listen in your environment and decide. I have found that every speaker, even very high end speakers, have trade-offs. Just make sure that you can accept the negative aspects of your final selection.
To tell you a little more about my system,the amp is a Simaudio titan 7,proc is for now B&K ref 50,soon to be replace for a krell hts 7.1,velodyne HGS 18.harmonic tech pro silk III.DH lab Q-10 speaker audio p-1200 power plant.
I apologize if my first post was a bit trite. I must admit to being surprised by the question because I find the two speakers present music so differently.

I agree with Darrell that the MLs are far more transparent, soundstaging is better (if well set-up), and the crossover is single-point rather than multiple point which can make a difference. As Darrell noted, set up is all important with MLs - in my opinion the biggest reason why ML owners switch is that they have not set them up properly. If properly done (set-up, upstream component matching, proper cabling, room treatments), MLs really sound wonderful. The Dalis are nice but I have not had a "magic moment" with them the way I have many times with MLs.
Guys,what about the revel salons line with center channel and surround? what will be the diference against the ML?dont forget,this is a 100% home theater set up.

thanks for all the imputs,so far.
any more imputs?
I`d go with Revel for home theater set up.
Dear Armandito

I hope you don't mind the direct email but since I was going to suggest a third choice I figured I would write you directly. I did have some questions. How big is the room? Do you have any intent on listening to multichannel music? What sort of films are you watching and what sort of effects do you want (eg major bass, clear sound, realistic)?

With this in mind I have just set up a home theater and thought I went a line of speakers called piegas. They too are ribbons, which is what I think you are looking for if you are considering the logans or the euphoria. The problems with electrostatics is integrating them with the base and giving them enough presence. They are wonderful for music and give a wide soundstage but that is less important, I think, when you have multiple channels. Ribbons in my opinion are better able to provide the immediacy and punch people like in home theater. I have heard mls in ht, a friend has quite a nice set up, but he has noticed this to be a substantial issue and finds he is using it much less because of this.

I must confess I have not heard the dalis though I have read very good reviews of them on the net. I ended up with the piegas a number of years ago when looking for my two channel system and have since put them into a fairly good ht set up. Their ribbon is second to none and their bass integrates seemlessly which takes a lot of pressure off the subwoofer. Part of the reason I thought to write you was I noticed you used the moon amp, which is a great piece of equipment. I have also got a friend with the large moon 2 channel amp (I think w-5) who bought a pair of piegas after listening to my system and they work very well with his gear. Michael fremmer had a review of piegas in an ht system about a year ago and thought they were the best multichannel system he had heard.

The only bad part of this post is that while I bought all my piega stuff as an individual, over the last few months the north american distributor, whom I know quite well, asked me to be the canadian rep (we really are a small market) so everything I say must be taken with a grain of salt (as must anything). Having said that I am really not trying to sell you anything because I don't sell outside of canada and I have a day job (thoracic surgeon). I hope I have not offended you by the email, if so I do apologize, its just you asked nicely several times for input so I suspect you are in the same boat we all find ourselves sometime. There are not that many people that understand the hobby and its tough to get input. Good luck with you search and if I can be of any help in any way drop me a note.

I personally want to thank you for taking your time and write me.I really like when people try to all your imput is highly apreciated.

If you want Dynamics, The Druid 2 from Zu cable is the most dynamic speaker I have ever heard. I listened to them A/B with Martin Logan Odyssey & Revel Ultima Salons. All of the speakers are awsome in their own respects. The Druids will only set you back $4K vs the others.
Any more susgestions?
I work in a place where we sell both these systems and i've had the pleasure in hearing them both set up in peoples homes. The sound stage and attention to detail that the dalis gave while i was watching we were soldiers was amazing they seemed to take the room out of the equation. Bullets seemed to fly till they ran out of steam!
I sat there and watched the whole movie. The logans also sounded awesome the times i've heard them but when the source material calls for that bit extra they don't seem to give you what the dali does. The sub is awesome, i took one home to try one day and its still there, damn working in a place that sells that stuff i'm always broke.
So if it were my choicei'd buy the dalis with not one regret. But which ever one you do choose i'd happilly accept an invite to watch a movie.
Thanks Dommo
I own MLs (Odyssey mains, Cinema center, Scenario surrounds, Descent sub), and although they eat most of the space in my room, I'm pretty happy with them otherwise. I have never heard the Dalis, but I *have* heard quite a few of the Piegas that were mentioned above, and they are REALLY good. I've heard the C40, C10, C8 and C3 - all in the LTD family. that uses a coaxial ribbon tweeter and midrange panel. The C40 is simply the best speaker I've ever heard, period. The C8 and C10 are even more transparent than my Odysseys, and as mentioned above they have a bit more dynamics and can be somewhat more exciting given the right performances.

They're also a far sight easier to set up than the Odysseys. One of my dealers just plunked them down in a small room (I'd guess 11x12? with a pair of AvantGarde Duos on the opposite wall, too!) and they sounded as good as my Odysseys after hours and hours of placement fiddling.

The downside to the Piegas is their cost. Even the C3s cost significantly more than the Odysseys, and the C8/10/40 go significantly up from there. (I think the C3-LTD runs about $9K for the pair, compare with around $6800 for the Odysseys.) We're not done yet, either, since I have been told a couple of times that the Piegas are also relatively difficult loads to drive. Not that the MLs are easy either (good heavens 2 ohms at a few spots?)...

Anyway, the MLs are very fine speakers if you have the amplifiers, space and WAF. The Piegas are even better sounding, have somewhat better WAF and are much eaiser to place - but are considerably more expensive.
yeah a lot of money
Just purchased the dali ms-5s wow! I was ready to go for some salons/ or studios. All ready owned f30s. These speakers are amasing. Do your self a favor and take a listen. I am using gamut 250 monos bi-wired through a avp-2. This is a new level of enjoyment.