Martin Logans are too damn transparent!

I have a pair of Aerius i and they are pretty much as transparent as the other Martin Logan's. Theres just "less" of the sound in LF and in dyanamic capability. But I've been trying all sorts of electronics with it and I'm not throughly satisfied. I know I love the speakers so their staying. I want a system that sounds detailed airy, precise yet able to sound all the sound on a a referance recording or chesky records cd, yet decently good with most recordings (most of the overly bright pop recordings). I was thinking of getting a Conrad-Johnson Premier 11a amp and Premier 14 preamp with either a Audio Research Cd2 or Classe CDP-1. Any other suggestions of what other people have used to achieve a succesfull system with Martin Logans?

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The MLs require lots of power from a heafty amp, one that will drive 1 ohm load that the logans will occassionally present. Also, I have found that, maybe similar to your ears, the logans are "bright" or "transparent". A powerful, "musical" or "warm" amp (as opposed to an analytical one) might give you what you want. Also, the aerius may need a sub for good LF playback, depending on the size of your room. I have quest z's and find myself wanting deeper, more dynamic base. If you find a servo controlled sub with an internal amp, the logans will be freed up to play the mid and highs. Also, judicious use of ASC tube traps is a must for tight, deep base. Hope this helps.