Martin Logans

Do ML's mate well with tube gear? Specifically Rogue Cronus Magnum with KT90's? Or would it be more beneficial to bi amp, i.e. a bryston 3B or 4B for the woofers and tubes on the electrostats??? I have the chance to get a pair of Martin Logan Aerius i's for a great deal but have already purchased the Rogue but still have the Bryston, so my choices are such. Please help???!!!
Tubes go great with Martin Logans.I used to have Bryston hooked up to aerius i's, but sold it due to preferring Simaudio over Bryston.

Blue Circle,makers of tube gear only use Martin Logans to evaluate their equipment. You can post your question here and receive a great deal more of imformation than you will get here.

The Aerius is a really nice speaker.

Cheers, Greg

I don't think the Rogue Cronus will be able to drive the Aerius effectively. Martin Logan's like power to sound their best. Tubes are a great match with electrostats. I am driving a pair of Martin Logan SL3s with an Audio Research Ref 110. I find this a very nice match. But I have found that less powerful amps make my SL3s sound closed in.

How big is your room? The SL3s work really well in my 13x24x9 room. The Aerius are a bit smaller than my SL3s. They may not sound their best in a very large room.

I have listen to Martin Logan Summit X driven by a Bryston combo, i.e. BP-25 pre and 4BSST amp. The Summit surely liked the power of the Bryston and threw a huge soundstage and lots of details. But after approximately 30 minutes my ears started to hurt. The combination was to thin sounded and fatigue. However, I sure that a tube pre-amplifier would have transformed that system into a marvelous one.
Sorry for my bad English. I meant to write "the combination sounded too thin and fatigue".
I have heard the Martin Logan in an all Jadis set and that sounded very good to me. I don't think the Martin Logan speakers with an active sub need a lot of power. I don't know about the other models.
I ran ML Ascent i with a 100watt Jolida integrated in a 12' x 13' room and it was a good combo for almost all music and volume. But the SS on the bass and Rouge on the panels would probably be even better.
ML's are very revealing when you get higher in the model range. Never preferred tube gear when I had a set because most tubes have a low s/n ratio, lower powered, and most are single ended.

I would sell the rouge and get a higher current 100+ s/n ratio 200w balanced min SS amp. As stated a few posts before ML love power and current so more is better.