Martin Logan with Sonic Frontier Power 3

I am interested in feedback with this combination. I have ML Reqest driving with Bryston 7B directly from Wadia 861. The Bryston give a thin, edgy sound. Also considering VTL450. I'd appriciate any feedback, recommendation. Thanks
When I had a pair of Acoustat hybrids (like ML) I found they were grainy when matched with a Bryston pre & amp. I "warmed" up the sound by adding in a tube preamp so in this instance tubes were the answer. Since then I changed the speakers to Maggies and I am still very happy.This past summer,prior to changing my speakers and getting a tube preamp,I visited a SF dealer who also carried ML speakers. We tried the power 2 and power 3 with a pair of (I think SL3's, the 6 footers) and the power 3 did a much nicer job and so it should for the dollar difference. So I think that if you do not want to add in a tube preamp (which BTW I think you should try with the Brystons)the power 3 might just be the ticket. Just my 2 cents worth...
I have a pair of Quest Zs powered by a Krell KAV250 & experienced the sound problems as you. I put a Sonic Frontiers Line1 which really helped flesh out the sound but it still got a little bright on the top end so I tried a Pair of cardas quadlink 5c & got a really mellow sound.I have since traded up to a Line3 & Resolution REference cables all around & get a fabulous sound.Try to borrow a tube preamp & you might be very surprised.Should you decide to go in that direction it will be a lot less expensive.The sound problems you have may partially caused by the Wadia & a preamp will really make a difference. I am partial to Sonic Frontiers gear because it is sonically neutral.Good luck.
It is funny cause I was going to start a thread exactly for the same reason. Jfarkas, I have the same equipment well almost. ML ReQuest and 7Bs and yes they are edgy in the high especially at reasonable life like level. All my gear are the SF (Transport 3, Processor3, and Line 3 preamp) the preamp did help, also upgrading to Synergistic Research Resolution Reference all around did help, but still I was not satisfied. It get edgy at the top and too much at the bottom. I set my ML to the -3db bass set up, it was still a bit more than what I wanted, I moved the speakers a little bit apart. That did help in bass but not on the highs. So guess what, I ordered the Power 3.
I have ML CLS's and I love them. My equipment is a Rowland amp and a CJ tube preamp. I used to have Classe solid state but.. I was advised to switch to a tube preamp. I am so happy with my CJ tubes! I'm at newbie at this but when i plugged in my CJ, the soundstage just opened up and the sound was much warmer (not harsh like the Classe). my advice to you is to buy a CJ preamp first b/c I'm very impressed with mine. My next step is to buy a tube amp. I'm looking at BAT, maybe Sonic Frontiers and CJ. (anybody have experience with these?) Well I hope this helps.
Thanks for the feedback. Several of your suggestions put me on the right track. Hooked up a VTL 5.5 preamp. Dramatic improvement. The system is still too bright and "ringy" to me. I am expecting a VTL450 this week as next step. Will post my learning. Myoussif when do you expect your Power3??
I also have a pair of the ML Requests powered by a Bel Canto EVO 200.2(great amp!) I have an Audible Illusions Modulus 1 tube pre-amp. I still have the same forward or bright sound that all of you describe. I have been told to change IC's and see what happens. Coincident or HT Truthlinks have been recommended. Interesting in hearing if any of you have found a solution....
Sorry Jfarkas, I didn't answer you question earlier, I will not get them until mid January since I live overseas and I had them shipped with a friend of mine who is moving his households to UAE in a big container, (saved me shipping and customs). I hope you were able to find a solution
Now that I got my SFI Power 3 amps up and running, I tell you guys, to all of you who have ML ReQuest, please do yourself a favor and buy Sonic Frontiers amps they sound great with the ReQuest. Everything we were complaining about using the Brystons 7Bs with the ReQuest is no longer there. I now enjoy music much more. I am a beleiver in Tube amps now. thought you would like to know. Mohamed
I wanted to "throw my thoughts into the fray", here, also, because I too own reQuests and came within a knat's hair of buying a pair of S.F. Power 3's. I've never heard the Power 3's, but I can tell you (from an "audition earlier today) that ANYONE with a pair of reQuests should hear the INNERSOUND (kinda ironic, isn't it?) ESL AMPLIFIER. This little (comparatively speaking) beast kicked the tar out of my Krell FPB300 (!!), in ALL parameters. Really "lit up" my reQuests and brought 'em to life in a way I didn't think possible. What I once thought (in the past) was the speakers "compressing" on dynamics, was, believe it or not, always the freakin' amp. Anyway, I've tried all kinds of brands, types, config., of amps out there, but have never heard the reQuests sound this good. DEFINATELY WORTH LOOKING INTO! Also, see the newest TAS for a review (it's what prompted me for a closer listen).