Martin Logan with 7 foot ceiling?

Room is 18 x 14 with 7 foot ceilings. Will any ML speaker work? I have Bryston 7Bst's. Comments on this match welcome.
The speakers should work fine with a 7 foot ceiling since the high frequencies are beamed in the vertical plane and should not reflect off the ceiling unless the speaker panels are tilted back (aimed upward).

As far as the match with the Bryston goes, I can't comment on that marriage other than to say I'd be thinking of a tube source or preamp...
I agree with the previous reply. I have a set of Aerius i speakers. They beam forwards (and backwards) but not up. This is usually considered a negative, because the sound changes when you stand up. you have to be sitting down to get the right sound out of them. In your case I suppose this would be an advantage, as you are probably trying to minimize reflected sound from the ceiling.
I have my SL3s in a room with 7.5' ceilings and no ill effects.
My dimensions are 14W x 22L x 7.5H I have the Prodigy positioned along the short wall because I have no choice. As you might be well aware, Logans are very placement sensitive. The sound especially imaging l>r could be better because I've heard it better in a bigger room. Any size Logans should be fine as long as you position the speaker along the longer length of the room because the Logans need to be a good 7 or 8ft apart, far away from the side walls. Happy hunting!!
Ditto. I have Odysseys in a room with 7' 2" ceilings and they work just fine, since they are well away from the walls (all of them).
I agree with 7' is not a problem with ML speaker. I have used CLS, Odyssey, re-Quest in a 7.5 ft with good result. However, I don't believe ML is necessary need 7' apart. They can be about 5 to 6ft apart depends on your room dimensions. Since you have 14' wide, you can go about 6ft apart and 4ft away from the rear wall. Try to sit 8ft to 10ft away from the speaker.

Of course this is only assume you can put the speakers and your chair wherever you can. I understand most people have to consider other factors.

Regarding power amp, I believe you will find whatever ML you put on your exisiting power amp will be bright and thin. You will get a lot of bass but no mid and high. Alos ML speaker does not require that much power.