Martin Logan which one??

Aloha have opportunity buy ml cls or da new vista around da same price. Which one would sound beddah?? Mahalo amp is vtl-150 cj over-5 preamp.
Aloha, I have no experience with the Martin Logan Vista, but I have extensive experience with the CLS. It is an amazing speaker, but you must have patience and be willing to give the CLS what it needs. Also, being at sea level and the humidity of the islands will work in your favor. However, as with all Martin Logan speakers they must be in a clean environment free of dust, smoke, etc.,
Howzit bra?Like the man says the CLS is some times alot of work and many seem to need a subwoofer with them.I would go for the Vista but both are da kine.Nice to hear both if possible,cheers,Bob
Mahalo Nui braddahz