Martin Logan vs Polk Audio

Hey Guys and Gals,
Im looking at the Martin Logan Clarity and the Polk Audio LSi25. They will be used for both music and movies in a small room set-up. What do you think would be the best bang-for-the-buck? In what areas is one better than the other? Right now Im not sure what amp I will used so any advice on that would help too! Thanks for your time and help!
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This isn't directly on topic, but I thought I'd mention that I spent some time comparing the LSi25s and LSi15s and ended up going with the 15s. The sound quality is nearly identical, with the only difference I could discern coming from the fact that the 25s have a powered sub. If you already have a subwoofer for your home theatre, there may not be much to be gained with the 25s. The 15s go pretty low, too, and work pretty well for 2 channel stereo without a sub.

If you're interested, check out the Polk Club forums. There's a lot of stuff on the 25s and 15s.

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