Martin Logan Theater center channel speaker owner

Of the Martin Logan Theater center channel speaker owner on Audiogon, how many are using mono block amplifiers as opposed to multi channel amplifiers?

Which manufacturer and model?
I am in the process of setting up a home theater. I have completed the audio equipment acquisition phase. I will be using a Bryston 7B ST monoblock to drive a Martin Logan Vantage center channel speaker. (I am using 7B ST's to drive the surrounds, too.) I can't comment on the sound yet, but I have liked the 7B STs in the past and they should have more than enough power (500 watts each) for my applications.
I use a Chord SPM 1900 multi channel amplifier. It's plenty powerful enough and sounds sublime.

It's better to buy a good multi channel amp then a bad mono amp. Bryston is one of the best BTW...