Martin Logan Summits/Cary 805's, does this work?

I recently bought a new pair of Martin Logan Summits; I had planned on moving to a pair of Cary 805's as the rated efficiency is 92db. However the owners manual reccommends amps of at least 100 watts per side. I am currently using a pair of big tube amps, so no problem.
Has anyone tried or experienced this combo? Comments?
By the way, so far I am very happy with these speakers (10 hours of play to this point.)
Gee, I had no idea the Summits were that efficient. Anyway, the 805s should be fine because the ML spec has SS amps in mind, and the 805s being single ended probably put out more effective power than their ratings. The real issue is whether they can handle the Summit's low impedance (0.7 ohms at 20K Hz) I'd get in touch w/ Cary and find out for sure.

BTW, you didn't say what kind of preamp you have but it would be nice (in terms of getting a little more effective power out of the Cary) if you could use balanced ICs to connect the amp(s)/preamp. And Cary does offer an XLR input option.

I do think the Summits lend themselves to the (right) tube amp which is wonderful w/ stats (but you already know that) but with the summits, you don't have to worry about providing power for the woofers.

If the manual recommends amps of at least 100w, you would better not think about Cary 805. These monoblocks suit for Avantgarde Duo or at least 96db speakers.

Happy listening!
You would do better with the Cary Anniversary 211's!
I would suggest posting this question on the Martin Logan owners forum.

I too was considering that amp, and was assured it would not be enough power. However, as always YMMV...