Martin Logan Summit

I have been suffering from amps clipping with these wonderfull speakers specially when i increase the volume over the middle level, i have tried several amps with no success, has any one had a similar exprience??
FWIW, I put new panels in over the weekend. They have livened up at lower, but not low listening levels. I typically run Wilson W/P and the two speakers are very different in many regards. This fact (with mine) just being one of them. The MLs have a great, large sound stage and other attributes, as well.
Gosh, I run my Summits with a vintage Yamaha MX-2000. Plenty of power and no clipping, ever.

Very satisfying. I understand the Summits are not as difficult to drive as some of their earlier models...
Hey Tdacquisto, what pre-amp are you using with your Pass Labs x250? I have a matching x-1 pre and x250 driving BW N802's, which are power hungry and they do the job. I have been thinking about trying the Pass combo with the ML Summits. I've only heard the Summits driven with a set of Mac tubes and they sounded wonderful, very similar, imho, to the BW 802's but definitely a different "footprint". I wonder how many other ML Summit owners here use SS vs Tubes?
I have the Summits and drive them with the Rogue Audio M-150 monos with Golden Lion KT88 reissue driver tubes. They sound great together. My wife says I listen pretty loud but I have never measured. The amps have never clipped. I agree with earlier posts that summits and maybe all Martin Logan need to be played a little louder than other speakers to expose their full potential, which imho is very good.