Martin Logan Summit X with Cary Audio 805ae

Does anyone have experience with using a pair of Cary Audio 805ae monoblocks to drive a pair of Martin Logan Summit X loudspeakers? I'm concerned this combination might not work that well given the low impedance values of the Summit X loudspeakers at higher frequencies.
I would not expect that combo to work. Some high power tube amps may work depending on their design. Which do you allready own?
I don't know how the Carys would behave, but in general it is a myth that tube amps should not be used with electrostatics. Tube amps have no problems with low impedances, in fact, some solid state amplifiers (you can see which when their specs don't say anything about 2 Ohms and 1 Ohm power) *could* go unstable with that load. The only "problem" with most tube amps would be a slight lowering of treble response because of their high output impedance. However, if you see Hi-Fi World's lab test of the CLX, it has a slight emphasis above 8kHz and a resulting "sheen" in their sound. This is perfect for a tube amp to compensate. I haven't listened to Summit Xs, but I expect their treble response to be similar because they use the same panel.
What is the efficiency of the Summits? I don't own Summits but own Innersound Kayas and know low powered tube amps don't work exept at low volumes. Innersounds electical behavior may be completely different though.

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Hi Sarcher30, thanks for your responses. I currently have the Cary 805s. I think the efficiency is rated at 91 dB.
I looked up the specs on Martin Logans web site. The recommended amp power is 20 to 600 wpc.

If you can find someone that is satisfied with 50 wpc tube power and their room is the same size or larger than yours you may be safe. I would personally error towards the upper wpc limit.