Martin Logan Summit, better than Prodigy

I heard New martin logan summit are cheaper and better than Oddosy and prodigy, anybody had chance to compare these.
Not yet. The Summit is not cheaper than the Odessey and close to the price of the Prodigy. Around 11,000 depending on finishes as I understand.
I currently own the Prodigy's and heard the Summit's at my dealer the other day. I was not impressed. They weren't in the best room but they did have good electronics driving them. They are much smaller than the Prodigy and, the best way I can describe them is that they sounded much smaller than the Prodigy too.

I have the Summits and before that Monolith's and in between Magnapan 3.6R.

The base summit is $10k.

I feel I have the performance of the monolith with much better base and dynamics. The active subs are extremely fast and you get the base at low levels. By the way I preferred the Monolith's to the prodigy.

I believe these are the best ML I have heard - I have not heard the statements.

They require attention to positioning like all ML's. You can adjust the sub response to help fit the room. The speakers are still breaking in after a month. My electronics are Krell

I would suggest it is easy to walk into a room and decide a speaker is not good. We all know the variables.

I would recommend that they are worth a listen with your electronics.
FWIW, I did not simply "walk into a room and decide the speaker is no good" as the above poster suggests. I am very familiar with the room they were situated in. The electronics, while not identical to my own were primarily ARC, which is what I have in my system. I was looking forward to hearing these new speakers since I am a fan of ML............ However, I will stand by my earlier post. Newer is not always better.

To my ears, these speakers do not present music in nearly the scale (dynamically, tonally, or spatially) as the Prodigy's. They remind me more of a monitor speaker in this regard.

When the Prodigy came out it was deemed the best ML product ever by the press and won numerous product of the year awards............ I imagine the Summit will do the same. I think a lot of it is personal taste, but in the end you have to sell product.........

FWIW, I used to have Monoliths and have auditioned 3.6's extensively in my system. I now have Prodigy's.

BTW It's bass not base

Hope this helps
The ML Summits require a decent break-in period. All stats do, but Summits even more because of the higher membrane tension resulting from new manufacturing techniques. So they probably don't sound all that great "out of the box."

The ones I heard at CES sounded amazing and had a huge soundstage -- however -- The rep did say (when I asked) that they had only 3 demo pair, and these had plenty of mileage on them.
I have heard all of the Logan's listed, they sound nice, but I would take a very close look at Eminent Technology speakers, not as nice looking but its about the sound right?
I wanted ET'S forever and had it not been for a pair of Innersound EROS MKII speakers falling in my lap I would still buy them!
Both the ET'S and Innersounds do something the Logans just cant do aswell, and that is the slow bass, they do sound nice and look great, but if you want the bass as tight as the panel, you will have to look elsewhere.
Chadnliz -- what you say about the bass of Martin Logan (hybrid) speakers is true, but it's not true of the bass on the Summits. They have just about the fastest, tightest, most powerful bass I've heard anywhere. When you have time to hear a pair, I'm sure you'll agree.

And they have built-in woofer amps this time (finally!) which means you can drive just the panels with a modest tube amp if you want, but without compromising bass performance (as with earlier models) by trying to drive a hybrid full range with a tube amp.
I should go listen again, my regrets if I was wrong, if what you say is true and I am sure it is, then the Summit is a better contender now. I still feel for bang for the buck ET'S are still the way to go.
I just heard the Summits yesterday and they are by far the best speaker ML has produced to date. Bass is tight and fast and the clarity is amoung the best I have heard. They where using Musical Fidelity to drive them, which was a very good match for these speakers. I have heard the ET and they are damn good, but these are much better, but the cost could be a major factor if ML and or dealer doesn't discount these. They are however coming out with a smaller version of this by Fall, which would be in the 5-6k range.

Can anyone tell me what equipment was used at the CES show where Nsgarch heard the ML Summit speakers or the equipment used at other shows.
Electrostaticman > It might have been a Krell, but I wouldn't swear to it. ML demo's their Statements with the big Krells and I remember thinking "Oh, of course." I can say it wasn't a toobie, which would have been nice.
I was reading on the ML Owners website that ML was using Pass Labs amps to drive their demo Summits in Las Vegas.
Just FYI.
Blue Circle was using ML's as well in their room. Was that ever sweet!!! It was not the summit, I think it was the Ascent and it was still amazing.