martin logan speakers

i live in los angeles county california. in the outskirts there is whittier where there is a mcintosh dealer which has been there since like 1950. they like martin logan speakers mated to mcintosh equiopment. i never asked them why but is there anyone out there who might know if martin logan speakers are a good match for mcintosh equipment.
exiggy, there;s 'hi fi haven' in whittier that is a 'mcintosh' dealer that use ml speakers hooked up to their macintosh equipment.

  I use Martin Logan Summit X speakers with McIntosh amplifiers and preamplifiers. I think they are a great match, highly recommended. Let you own ears decide!
When I bought my ML Impression 11As, I paired them with a McIntosh Mc452 amp. For me, the combination was a bit too warm. Great for some genres of music, not so great for others, particularly classical where I prefer some sparkle and crispness to make the instruments sound more natural.
This is because the ML’s go down to 1ohm in that area and even with 450w amp it’s not the right amp because it’s transformer output, you’ll find if you did a response graph of it into the ML’s load the top end would roll off as would most tube amps as well.

To get get that "sparkle and crispness" back that make thing "sound more natural" you need an amp that maintains it drive current into that low impedance load that the ML’s have.
Thant means looking at amps that can "almost" double their 8ohm wattage for each halfing of impedance EG: 100w at 8ohm, 200w at 4ohms 400w at 2ohms

From my experience ML panels can be a tad on the warmer side.
They are with the wrong amp as I explained above, they are perfect with the right amp.

Cheers George