Martin Logan Source or B&W CDM NT7?


I'm debating whether should I get ML Source speakers or B&W cdm-nt7 as the front speakers for my media room. Any suggestion or feedback?

Wow, two totally different speaker types, both excellent.
You said media room, I'm assuming you are using the same system for music and video? If so, I would highly recommend the B&Ws - the MLs are great, but IMHO they lack the dynamics and slam to pull off a realistic movie experience, especially if you like to listen at higher sound levels, which the MLs won't do without strain. The B&Ws image like crazy too, so you don't lose much over the MLs, but gain dynamics. YMMV, of course!

Hi Slaw3,

Thanks for the suggestion! I myself also leaning toward B&W CMD-NT7 as well, even though I usually used my Thiel CS1.5 as my music speaker.

Thank you!