Martin Logan SL3 with Musical fidelity

Many time ago, I heard Martin Logan SL3 droven by a Goldmund SRP +SRA with an Accuphase (DP70?) as source. I found it sounded clean, full of details and transparent while bass were tended and quite articulated. I was so unbreathed that decided to buy the SL3. I hoped I get the same result but even if there's a considerable improvement, I'm far away from the shop listening. Since that, I've heard a lot of stuff (like the Krell KPS25 with Krell amps on WilsonAudio, the big Wadia with Mark Levinson on Request, etc...) and I know it's strange but I couldn't find back the same sensation of clarity and transparence from my first test. I can't understand why because I know that MarkLevinson or Krell ... are parts of highest end. So that's the purpose of my thread: How this low budget system gave me the impression of sounding so transparent, clean and detailed compared with other higher budget stuff that kept me on my anger. Was it due to the Accuphase source or the fact that the Goldmund is a true A-class amp?, the cocktail Accuphase-MartinLogan-Goldmund? the cables, the room setting ? I've the opportunity to get a Musical Fidelity A-class power amp but I don't know if it could match with my SL3. Because of the reasons listed before, I'm afraid to go wrong with my choice and any advice or experiences would be really helpfull. Thanks in advance.
MF is sweet sounding amp.Unfortnately it's not powerful enough to push power hungry SL,s. You need to look into good solid state amp, and good used tube pre-amp.AR or similar. It would be waist of money, buying new amp or pre-amp.Buy new source CD or turntable and a lot of MUSIC!
I own the sl3's and they are run by two cj sa250's this is a relatively inexpensive way to have enough power for the logans while retaining a somewhat tube like sound