Martin Logan SL3's I am lovin' them.

I recently purchased some used Martin Logan SL3's. I am loving them. I have read of the limitations of electrostatics, but I am not experiencing any of them. Every music I have listened to sounds great, but the speakers are at their zenith with female vocals. Melody Gardot, Diana Krall, Ella, Billie forget about it. They might not sound as good as the SF Olympica III's I really want, but they I got these for 10% of the price.
I was a Martin Logan dealer for many years and have personally owned almost every model they've ever made.

The SL3s are one of my favorite ML speakers. They can do wonderful things when properly set up and powered with enough juice.

Enjoy your new speakers...
I am using a MC275. Do you think that is enough? really depends on how loud you listen and the size of the room.

I know of several people here that use that amp with great success on ML speakers. One member uses it on his CLSIIs, which are power hogs.

I have tried a MC275 before and found it not to be a good match for me, but again it all depends. It sounded fine, just not enough power.

If you like it and it seems to power the SL3s okay, then just sit back and enjoy the music!
Well, I have the most recent version of the MC275 which might make a difference. My room is very big, but I rarely get to crank it up.