Martin Logan SL3

I hear a strange noise from my ML SL3 and wonder if it's due to a bad match with my Power Amp (Musical Fidelity A-370) or could it be my old electrical installation (or something else)... Any experience would be welcome. [email protected]
What type of noise? Could it be hum from your amp? Has it always done this? Steve
Hi Olivier, Do you vacuum your speaker at least once a month? Dust can cause electrostatic speaker to make noises. Also try to avoid touching the panel with cloth since the panel will attract fibers. Everytime before you vacuum make sure your speaker's AC plug is unplug for at least couple hours, this way the panel wont have any more electric charge and it's easier to clean.
You don't say what the 'noise' sounds like, so here are a couple of generic suggestions, items that have helped on my SL-3's. 1)Good aftermarket power cords. They don't have to be 'power amp' type, just better shielded than stock. I use NBS Dragonfly's very successfully. 2) At least install an isolated ground duplex receptical & ground your system via this receptical to a seperate ground path (you may have to have an electricion for this). A seperate dedicated circuit is even better, but may not be necessary, try the isolated ground first. Works better & costs far less than 99.9% of the power conditioners out there.
I agree with Johnmhunibch, I had a noise problem until I fixed the grounding problem. Do you have cable? If your cable wire is near your system, you need to take care of that. I use a device called MAGIC which connects to my cable line to help eliminate noise. Another cheap way to take care noise or grounding problem is to eliminate the ground completely by using an addapter that switches from 3 prong to 2 prong.
You probably have dust collecting on the ESL element. Happy listening. Hasse (reQuest owner)