Martin Logan SL-3 positioning

I knew these speakers were difficult to position when I bought them. Does anyone have any suggestions for set up (read tricks)? I live in an apartment right now so the room is limited but I want toget the most out of the speaker I can.
I have been playing with the positioning of my SL3's off and on during the four years I have had them.In my room they sound the best when well away from the side walls and further out into the room than one might expect.The best placement may ignite a skirmish with ones significant others'aesthetic sensibilities if your rig is in the living room as mine is.I missed her in the beginning.Do you still have the booklet from M-L that came with the speakers ? In it they suggest "the ultimate tweak" for placement.When I rearranged the living room furniture and positioned my speakers using their equation the results were very impressive.I did loose some bass,but the bass I ended up with was fast and tight without any hint of being boomy. Overall the sound was clearer and less confused.I would suggest at least trying it on a temporary basis to hear what you may have been missing.These speakers have the potential to be very stunning with a little effort.Let me know if you don't have the instructions and I will find the equation and send it to you.Feel free to email me if you would like to compare notes further.
3truck, I think that equation is probably what I have been missing. I bought the speakers used and didn't get the instruction manual. If you could help I would appreciate it.
The manual is online at ML -
Thanks I better get busy.
I own Aeruis i, but the cardas website has been very useful for me. they give you a formula they use with measurements from your room. Its worked for me. I keep my speakers about 3' from the rear wall and tilt in about 25 degrees. With the spikes I raised the rear of the speakers. It works for me.
Have also been re-positioning SL3's for 4 years. Due to room constraint, I have them 2.5 feet from back wall. The toe in is only SLIGHT towards the sweet spot. Plenty of room on the sides. My power cords have been instrumental in tweaking the sound.I have gone from too much bass to a more balanced sound. Contemplating a REL sub woofer for the low bass notes the SL3 cannot due.Get a copy of the manual. Martin-Logan will send you a copy.