Martin Logan siderail removal

I have a pair of Quest Zs & one has a bad woofer. I want to replace it but I need to move the siderails first. Do they go up or down & is there anything else which may present a problem? Any suggestions for replacement woofers?
Iam not quite sure your reQuest is similarly constructed as my Aerius (older design). They appear similar from the picture i saw at website. For the Aerius...First i lay it down on its back, ensure the connection posts are protected...a slight hammertap on the BOTTOM of the siderail will free it from the concealed fasteners, but pad the impact spot first before the hammer tap!...a movement up about 1 or 1-1/2" should free the rail from its fastener, note that the fastener is very similar to the picture hanger socket we are familiar with....very neat indeed! There's one caveat to this, the newer model of Aerius has a external fixing screw which is to be remove first, then slide from Top downward. Hope this helps, but tread carefully. Maybe ml gives free service tip on the 'phone, will clear your doubt. regards, Phil.
Lwin, Iceraven is correct. I have a pair of ReQuests and had the factory send me instuctions for removal. Service manager is Jim Power and he can be reached through the ml web site at service. A firm tap will cause the side rails to move as Iceraven describes. His caution to pad the hammer (or use a rubber mallet like me) is well advised and will do the trick. The woofer grill cover is held on across the top by thin double side tape (if your is like mine). This may or may not be an issue when you reassemble (e.g., the grill sticking to the top ledge). Bob
Great thanks a lot guys!