Martin Logan Script as main speakers?

Has any one hang Scripts on the wall next to the plasma as main speakers due to space limitation? I have seen the Fresco and Vignette used as main and center speakers. I wonder if Script will be an improvement over either Fresco or Vignette. I plan to hang these on the wall. Underneath each main Script will be a subwoofer. Thus, dual subs in this particular case. I have heard that setting up subwoofer with ML are not easy to achieve and can be frustrating. Is this true? Furthermore, the sweet spot for ML is minimal as compared to conventional box-type speaker.

I don't own any ML yet. I have dual subs and 6 AR Phantom 8.3 series speakers and 1 AR Phantom 525 Center. 8.3 series are 3.3" thick w/ a plasma hardened 1" titanium dome tweeter, a 2" MagAlloy midrange and an 8" Illusion TM long throw, Carbon Series woofer.. Specs are 40Hz-20kHz, 89db sensitive, 8 ohms, 250 watt handling power.

Any input, thought, comment, or shared experience is appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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I copied and pasted the same question on such website on the same day, and still no response like A'gon. I guesed that no one has ever done it before. For an audiophile, main speakers usually have to be full range and bigger than the Script to bring out the beautiful midrange. I stopped by a local hi-fi store, and they didn't have the Scripts wired yet. They had four Scripts setup as part of the HT 7.1 setup, but no connection yet. Of the HT 7.1, the Summit were used as the main ones. Each Summit was driven by the Mcintosh mono amp, and the DVD/CD player was the Extoric. The midrange on the new Summit sounded beautiful. However, both Summit were neither calibrated nor setup properly with the correct cross over, the bass sounded aweful. I guess that I shoud stay with what I have or use bigger ML as main speakers. The latter would be a tougher one to pull due the the Wife Approval Factor.
i have a set of martinlogans 2 aeons and 2 script in good shape some cosmetic scrapes from storage for 5 yrs and bought in 2002. how much should i sell for?