Martin Logan Scenarios Proper Position?

I have a pair of Martin Logan Scenarios I recently purchased used and was wondering if someone could help with how they should be placed wrt front and side wall as well as how the toe in might differ from a more traditional speaker sense. I know the bass won't thunder like Prodigys or Monliths but I do want to make sure I am maximizing their abilities from a position standpoint.Thanks ahead of time fo your help.
Why not call Martin Logan and ask them? Also, speaker placement is the single most important factor in getting excellent sound!(and the reason so many people, even with the best equip you can buy, have systems with poor sound quality unfortunately..lack of knowledge/experience). Depending on you're room set-up/dimmensions/acoustics, etc, you'll likely have some options. I charge for the service myself, and use not only experience to figure, but advanced computer progrms my self as an acoustical engineer and home theater designer by trade.
Anyway, there's also some good progrmas out there, and a few books to read...not to mention years of audiophile experience of how it all works in any given room!...good luck. Audioalexander
We've had Scenarios set up in our family room for several years now. I must say that placement is critical. I found the best placement to be about 4ft from the back and side walls. Any more distance and you lose bass. Any less distance and you lose detail. Of course the only way to truly know is to experiment. Remember the golden rule, "you can stop making adjustments when you are happy with the way things sound." In addition, a good place to start is to draw your room on a piece of paper. Then place a vertical line down the paper and a horizontal line across the paper. Next try placing the speakers in what would be the middle of the upper two boxes and toe them in. This method works best if your room is closer to a square size than rectangle. The key with Martin Logans is don't keep them too close to any wall! It will make strange reverberations and make the speakers sound flat instead of lively. You will notice improved bass as you get closer to the wall but will sacrifice other elements. I suggest if bass is a problem get a very fast, tight, subwoofer. Paradigm Reference Servo-15 or a Rel. I hope these hints will be helpful.