Martin Logan Scenarios Positioning?

I have a pair of Martin Logan Scenarios I recently purchased used and was wondering if someone could help with how they should be placed wrt front and side wall as well as how the toe in might differ from a more traditional speaker sense. I know the bass won't thunder like Prodigys or Monliths but I do want to make sure I am maximizing their abilities from a position standpoint.Thanks ahead of time fo your help.
Go to and print out the owner's manual. You'll find that the best side wall for those babies is no side wall at all. Start with the speakers about seven feet apart and two feet from the front wall and a slight toe in.

Once you get a decent sound stage working you'll find that as little as one inch here and there for fine tuning will make a difference. It's worth the effort.
Speaker positioning is critical with these and most electrostatics. The key is just to experiment alot because the size of your room and listening position will affect the proper placement.

I think they sound best in a small room with a nearfield listening position (< 10ft away). Try spreading them as far apart as they can go without losing the soundstage. Then, toe them in as mush as necessary toward your listening position. They can actually produce decent bass at moderate listening levels in a small room. Try keeping them 2-3 ft from the back wall. Also, if you have a rectangular room, I think they sound best (better imaging) when placed against the long side.

If setup correctly and played at appropriate levels in a small room, these speakers are exceptional values. However, if you listen to them in anything but the extremely small sweet spot, you will be disappointed even more than most speakers. You will know when you have it right.
I do believe there is some rule that with "line array" electrostats that minimum distance one must sit away is some mulitple of the panel heigth. It was over on dunlavy's site maybe. I'm not for certain though.

I use "line array" since I done know if they truly qualify and the quad esl are certainly of a different breed altogether.