Martin Logan's - work in a small room nearfield ?

I have heard these speakers , don't remember which model , a few years ago and really enjoyed their sound .
I would like to know if they would work in my 10' X 10' room . My listening position is @ 6ft. from the face of my present speakers .
If the answer is yes , what models would you suggest ?
Would a different manufactures ESP work better ?
Suggestions please .

Thank you .
Saki70, I use to own the Sequal II and the Acsent and they sounded there best when pulled out into the room about 6-7 feet from the wall and listening chair about 8-10 feet from face of speaker. I think the Logans will need some room to breath in order to get that wide open sound there noted for. I don't know about the newer models.
TRy SL3s.I have a pair in a similar sized room.Great!!
6 ft is too close for SL3. The bass won't integrate well with the panel. I won't recommend panel speaker for near field listening. But if you must, pick a smaller model and add a sub.