Martin Logan's Speakers Placement??

How far from the wall should the Martin Logan's Aerius speakers be placed? Thanks for all your help.
If room at least 3- 4 feet or more. Steve
your logans should be as far apart from each other while still haveing solid center fill & focus with at least 3ft from side wall. with aerius you may want to toy with the rear wall distance. with bigger logans 3-4ft from rear wall is usually needed smaller logans lows can sometimes benefit from rear wall reinforcement so alittle less could be good but to much & imaging will suffer. a little toe in is good to so your listening to the inner third of the stat & near field listening can be good to so your hearing more of the speaker & less of the room. i love my logans hope you do to.
Consult your owner's manual (if you have one) and look around on past threads-there are many dicussing problems/placement of the various logan's.
The Aerius speakers are a pain to place. Even moving them a half inch can change the soundstage/sound. I agree that in general, 3-4 feet from walls is a good start. These speakers also have a narrow sweet-spot. It is important to keep the listening position constant during set-up. It's a lot of work, but you'll know when you get it right: the speakers will sound great! Good luck!!!
Thanks folks on all your suggestions...and you're right, the mid-range, sound stage, vocals details, and airiness produced by ML are amazing.

Btw, my wife's plants (~6' tall) are behind (in between) my ML. Think I should move her plants?
I believe 4 to 5 feet from the back wall is best and around 7 feet apart. Mild toe-in - shine a flash-light on them from your listening position and the reflection should be about a quarter to a third of the way across the panel.