Martin Logan ReQuest lower grills..removable?

Is the perferated panel on the bottom of the ML ReQuest just like the top..if I take the grillcloth off? The grillcloth is damaged..and,if I remember, some older ML just had the perferated metal below as it is on the 'stat panel.

Thanks for the help.
You need to tap off the rails that slide on then the grille comes off. use a rubber mallet.the wooden side rails.
Promod, Thanks for the input. These older ReQuest were just purchased used. I plan to look into any mods or updates that are available for them.

do you know if the 'stat panel can be removed and cleaned..or only replaced? From being in someones home for some years..there has to be some cooking fume and dust build-up.

Thanks, Jim
Im not sure but ask jim at ml.