Martin Logan "Abyss" Subwoofer

Only a few articles have been written about the Abyss maybe due to a fairly new product by ML? None the less I went and bought one since I needed of a subwoofer for my 1.6QR Magnepans. This Subwoofer is only one day old yet the correct position and set up are still in the early stages. This sub offers two position and I have determined that forward firing is better than the downward firing!(downward firing tends rumble too much and quickness is gone!) Lucky for me I had the chance to demonstrate the ML Grotto for 3 days which behave almost too well. The Grotto was too quick I thought and setting it up for music was not as simple as I would have expected but I would have gotten it right if I had more than 3 days to full around with it! Now the Grotto as an HT subwoofer really played well and I would have bought it if were not for my budget constraints that is why the Abyss was more acceptable at $1000. The forward firing position does not make adjusting an easy task since the buttons are now underneath and the only access is tilting the sub sideways or reaching your fingers under to adjust the levels and phase positions. ML recommends to set the sub at 70% of the lowest registered hertz from your current speakers. 1.6QR are good for 40htz and so I have started by adjusting to 28 hertz on the abyss. So far my soundtrack recordings from Star Trek, Star Wars and other pieces from James Horner play real nice. I will add more details when this sub matures a little. Current system is a Bryston Amp/Preamp -- Ipod and Panasonic DVD/cd player. Preference of music Classical/Opera/Jazz/Rock---

Any comments on my current set up is welcomed! thanks for reading!