Martin Logan, Quest, Quest Z, ReQuest...questions

Can anyone share some light on which of these three models was 1st, 2nd and 3rd in order of age? Also, what were the sonic differences and which may be the best sonically?

Also, are they better sounding that the Squell II or SL3 of the same time period?
In my opinion the request is better, but not much,
I own the Quest Z,I was gonna replace them with SL3,
but the salesman told me its a downgrade.The quest Z
are smoother sounding, huge soundstage. If you have
the room,the way to go is the quest Z, or Request,
It depends on your budget.Although they say the
SL3 are more accurate sounding.Either of the speakers
above you cant go wrong.Enjoy
Jayctoy..thanks for the input. I have not had Martin Logan's since a pair of Sequel II...that a friend still has. I was lucky enough to have Maggie 20 for a while..then needed to sell them(that system). Now have a nice system with Maggie 1.6, and am ready for something else while I try to build up bucks to get back to the Maggie 20.1,

It seemed that the Request might be a good choice...but I have never had the chance to hear any of the Quest it is good to have input from those here at A'goN.
purchased quest z model had previously heard the sequel 2 sound excellent in a demo thought the quest z would be a definite improvement well I was totally wrong. The quest z bass region never sounds matched to the electrostatic panels. And tweaking them and positioning them never cured this problem the bass is heavier than it should be also this in a 20x23x9 size room over 5 feet out from the back wall. Oh they are a bitch to sell also.
They were the Quest, Quest Z and Request in that order. I owned the
Quest Z and now the Odysseys. The larger panels expand everything and
the larger woofers go deeper on these units than the SL3 and Sequels.
The difference in the three were mostly aimed at getting the fusion of
sound between the electro panels and woofers more in a seemless
quality of sound without as much speed diffference in the two different
philosophies. The Odysseys improve on the speed and unison of the
panel working with the woofers but I still think suffers somewhat in its
presentation from the Request's/Quest Z's wider panel. The SL 3/ Sequel
units work ok in smaller rooms but all of these rely heavily on placement
for optimum sound quality, imaging and soundstage.
Guess I am the blessed one with access to all three.

my brother has the quest z, nice but a bit bassy. Very god low end punch though. Probably going down to the 23 hz mark easily. 

My friend has the request, but its powered by a nakamich av10 receiver so the bass is boomy but the mids are about the best I have heard. 

I have the quest and sequel ii, with a sunfire receiver powering them, in a fairly large room 13 by 23 feet. 

The quest have an awesome control on the midrange and sound almost identical to the request. The bass is very well balanced and revealing in many areas including the low end at about 25 hz.

Sequel ii speakers are a bit squealing around the 2.3 kHz. Thus a female with high pitch is going to annoy you without proper damping. The sequel ii also lacks mid bass thus a man's lower voice range is kind if missing. A solution would be to raise the height of the speakers so that some of the woofer blends better to your ears, 

I would recommend the quest if you have a good amp.
i would recommend the request if you can find them and afford them.

i would recommend the quest z if you do not have a good amp and are desperate. 

The sequel ii I would recommend if you have a dead room that is enough curtains to take away the mid highs and of course a decent amp as they need current to produce sufficient mid bass for proper male vocals. 

Here is how I would rate them numerically. 

Request. - 10
Quest -    9.8
Quest z - 9.0
Sequel ii -  7.5