Martin Logan Quest need help

A year ago my Martin Logan quest, while playing Patricia
Barber cd, I notice the left channel volume is getting,
lower and lower,then the next day the right channel.
then the sound I notice it goes up and down the panel.Every
help is needed here, If you also know who to contact at
Martin Logan please give me the number.By the way the amp
is ok,tested onother set of speaker, went ok.
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I once have the experienced of suspecting the panels when hearing the same thing on my Logans(Ascents). Sound (especially vocals) seems to be on different regions of the panel instead of through out. Bass was fine. So it must be the panels right? I was wrong! it is the audio transformer inside the backplates who's the culprit. Here are some info that will be useful:

1. Go to, service department and fill-in the service request form. You will get a response from Mr. Jim Power, head of the service department, asap.

2. Call them directly(Martin Logan) at 785.749.0133 and ask if you can speak to Mr. Power.

3. Go to, forum section and state your problems there. Theres a lot of people that can help you out there.

We, ML owners, have our own dedicated website that is full of information you know.

good luck!


2001 Delaware Street
Lawrence, KS 66046
Amandarae and Jeff thank you.