Martin Logan Prodigy-which cables please?

I am using these speakers with two Bel Canto SS Amps EVO 200.2 and a Bel Canto Pre Amp.
I am trying to find the best cables for my speakers. I really tend to go with the Valhallas (I found somebody who is selling them 60% off list price) in order to end this cable quest once and for all, when I ran into a post where a few people prefered the NBS Stament III above the Valhallas.
Then I was able to order for auditioning purposes some of this fancy Omega Micro stuff. So please, do not be shy giving me cable tips. I understand that the Prodigy is a different speaker, so maybe some Prodigy owners will respond with their experiences also.
synergistic squared designer ref.and synergistic s new reference series speaker cables
I am personally using 2 pairs of Synergistic Research Resolution Reference Speaker Wire for my Martin Logan SL-3. One for the Highs and Mids another for the Woofer, Bass. I am sure your speakers could use the one step above or more.

With my experience with Synergistic Research cables has made me believe all cables are not the same but whatever sounds good to your ears is the best one to fit you.
These cables have made my system sound more detailed, faster and tighter bass all around. Very happy with their products.

Good Luck finding your cables.

Pure Note Epsilon bi-wires, Used them on my Statements a while back, incrediable detail. Superior to Valhalla. It think Nordost gets too much press, IMO. You can also tri-wire with subs.
I am using MIT Oracle V1 biwires hooked to two Spectral 360 monoblocks and the result is by far the ost musical ML setup that I have ever heard.