Martin logan Prodigy vs Thiel 7.2

Has anybody compared the Martin Logan Prodigy vs the Thiel 7.2
Thanks in advance for any commentes or reviews.
I heard the prodigy with Krells and preamp CJ $15k
unvelivable sound very fast, bass world class, and
musical, but being a quest owner, logans are hard to set
up.If you play more of classical or string, logans shine.
I heard the combination of Thiel CS6 with oddyssey its
very very musial also, dynamic is also 1st class,IMO
the thiel are more natural sounding, I can listen to them
for longer hours.I love the piano on Thiel. Sorry I wish
I have the chance to hear the Thiel 7.2. Either way
you cant go wrong,both excellent speakers.Its worth
auditioning them in your own room. GOOD LUCK
No contest. Thiel 7.2 way over prodigy. You can't get much more accurate than the 7.2. But, take a listen to them both and make sure that you like accurate loudspeakers first.