Martin Logan Prodigy owners

I just orders my speakers today and I was wondering if guys can give me any input on the packaging. I talk to my dealer and he is under the impression that the speakers come as one unit in a box .I was told that the speakers is shipped as two pieces the bottom module and the top. Please elaborate that will make planning to lift easier . Do tell how they were shipped.
Each pair comes as three boxes, one large box holds both panels, and each bass unit comes in its own box. the packaging is very good and well thought out.
Thanks for your response Deiselr- Do you remember the dimention of the boxes- you see I have to anticipate if they will fit in the corridor leading to my listening room or if I have to remove them from the packaging first.
HI, There are 3 boxes in total. BTW, where did you buy them from (dealer?) and can you share the price you paid? Thanks
I bought them at Harvey' electronic in New-york City. They are having an annual sale I bought at a 10% of the original price $9200.00. You Probably can do better if you shop around. Although I would be the first to admit that it is very hard to have dealers to sell these speakers for any lower than that . I think that matinlogan control their dealers very closely vis-a-vis prices. They want to maintain a High end profile for their products and for that customers must pay a premium for that technology. I happen to enjoy the details that is comming out of these speakers and for that I was willing to trade off a little bit of dynamic. I strongly believe that they are in deed the best speaker in their price range. I had also the opportunity to auditioned the Mahler from vienna acoustic and I feel the level of fatigue was present with the Mahler while it was practically none existant with the prodigies. I you are in the market for a pair of audiophile grade speakers I would strongly recommend these speakers. I am currently building a hometheater around these with the the ascent as suround and the theater as center---My future asperation--
Hi everyone, We have a dealer in Florida that runs a buy one get on 50% off sale every three or four months. I packed up my Martin Logan Requests and Aerius this way.AND they give you one year to pay no interest or monthly payment!! The name of the company is Sound Advice. They have several locations throughout Florida.