Martin Logan owners/cable recomendations

Im new to Audiogon.Purchased a pair of ML Aeons 2 months ago, and would appreciate any advise on speaker cables that would go well with my system. Would like to stay under $1200 for a 15ft. new or used biwire pair.Im currently using a Denon DVD player for CD playback(planning to upgrade).I listen to jazz and classic music.Any other advice on system would be appreciated also. Thanks for viewing.
system consists of:
Denon AVR5800
Denon DVD2800
Monster Z2 speaker cable
Audioquest optilink-1 toslink cable
Martin Logan Aeons(front L&R)
Martin Logan Theater(center)
Infinity Overture3(surrounds)

you might try kimber bi focal xl, run all ends to the panel and jumper off to the woofer, i use these in my system they work well and replaced transparent ref xl cables ,the transparent were better but when i went to statement2s i needed 2 sets of wires without networks,
You might want to try Cardas. I got nice sound from my Logans with Quadlink. I had Tara Labs RSC prime before that & they weren't a good match. I am using Syn. Res. Resolution Reference & getting great sound at this time from them but a 15 foot pair is beyond your budget.. Goood Luck Larry W.
I use WireWorld Silver Eclipse on my front MLs and Atlantis on the surround MLs. The sound is tremendous. The Silver Eclipse is out of your stated price range, but I have seen great deals on the Eclipse and Polaris on Audiogon (just one step down on the product list).

A ML dealer in southern CA highly recommends the Monster M2 series. They handle every cable imaginable and raise a lot of eyebrows, but they stand by their recommendation. They don't recommend Monster cable for any other speaker.
I'm very happy with Audioquest Caldera with my Martin Logan Odyssey's and Theater center. I would highly recommend them, and you can find some great deals here on audiogon on them.

Good Luck...
at the risk of bucking the tide here, no one seems to be addressing the synergy between the electronics you are using with the ML's. Since the ML's are typically very revealing, and your electronics tend to be on the bright side, you need to be very careful what cables you run out and purchase. I would seriously recommend you try something from a company that allows auditioning many different manufacturers so you can hear what your buying before you sign up. I have ML ReQuests, levinson and proceed electronics and transparent Ultra cabling. For me the system works well together. I think the transparent cables would most likely suck with your system. Try some place like the cable company, or audio advisor...good luck
Thank you all for your suggestions. I have 2 dealers in town that will let me audition Audioquest and Transparent. It sounds like transparent is out, so will try the Caldera. Will also call cable company and try out Cardas and two others. Special thanks nospam, your right about the system being a little bright. I previously purchased the AVR5800 mainly for home theatre and it is incredible. But since the ML Aeons arrived, havent used H/T. We just cant stop listening to the CD's. Never dreamed stereo could sound so good. Thanks again, great people on Audiogon.