Martin Logan Odysseys transducer problem

Thanks for your response. Yes, I had my hearing tested by an audiologist several months ago. It turns out that my hearing does favor my right side and the upper limit of my hearing is in the near 8000Hz range. He said it was not not serious enough to justify a hearing aid but suggested retesting in about a year.

The positioning of these speakers as well as the furniture type or their placement in the room are unchanged and, yes, I used a test disk (Steven Court and Alan Parsons Sound Check 2) and sound pressure meter to verify this issue before I contacted ML to pursue a solution. For frequencies above approximately 2000Hz there is an approximately 2 to 3 db difference between the two speakers, measured at the suggested listening position.

It's probably been deteriorating slowly over some relatively long period of time but because I added a new amp (Rogue Audio Sphinx) which delivers a much more highly resolved signal and, because I was listening more critically while setting up, the problem became more apparent.