Martin Logan Odyssey transducer problem.

I have had these speakers for about 15 years and have enjoyed every minute with them....until now. I know I've had some hearing loss in my left ear and thought that this was causing me to have to balance volume in favor of the left speaker. In fact, what happened was that the left speaker's ability to accommodate higher frequencies is compromised giving the impression that the stage had moved to the right. I just added a new amplifier to the setup which is very good in high frequency detail which made the issue more noticeable. Anyway, new transducers are a bit expensive so I'm trying to make sure that this is really the problem before ordering new ones. There is always the possibility that the X-over board is bad, I suppose, and I did replace this board 5-10 years ago. I hope this is the problem but suspect that it's not. I'm getting ready to remove and switch the transducer panels in an attempt to verify what I believe to be the issue but would welcome any suggestions or a cheap set of panels.
When was the last time your hearing was tested by an audiologist?
This will give you information you can't get, any other way.
It will tell you which frequencies you may not be hearing.

I have also experienced balance issues with ML speakers.
Pay attention to their placement in the room, and the especially the distance and placement relative to side walls. And that the walls are treated the same (composition material, window placement, etc).
Have you changed any furniture in the room, lately?

You might want to access some test discs, too, for the frequencies
and balance issues?
Try switching the L/R speaker cables. That would confirm whether the problem is the speaker or your hearing.

You can always swap speakers around and see if the problem moves with the speaker.

If it moves, then you have a couple of options.

First, you can try vacuuming the panels. Unplug power over night, then clean away. If this does not make a difference, then you can wash the panels in the shower. Just use warm water from the shower head to rinse them off - no soap or agent that may affect the coating. Then let dry in front of some fans blowing over the entire panel.
I don't think your hearing is a factor here; it looks like it could be one of a number of things: power supply that energizes the panels; step-up transformer; natural aging of the panels (the do last about 15 years) as the coating wears off. You should really call up ML.