Martin Logan Odyssey Speakers repair & replace

I've owned my Odysseys since new in 2005 and have truly enjoyed them for these many years. Several years ago I had to replace the power supply circuit board on one of them and now I think the other has failed; I get only bass and the blue illuminated ML badge behind the panel does not light.

Anyway, I'm trying to decide where I want to go from here. I've used ESL's for over 25 years and, although I've been happy with them using a wide range of of upstream components, I'm looking to change to smaller and more furniture-like speakers.

I really enjoy what I think is called "soundstage" that the Odysseys deliver and I wouldn't want to give too much of that up and, because of some age related hearing loss in the upper frequencies, I need speakers that reproduce well in that area.

So, I'm soliciting advice from you all re my best choices to meet these requirements keeping in mind that I have somewhat restrictive cash capability. I'm using a Rogue Audio Sphinx 100W hybrid amp and a solid state Shanling CD player with California Audio Labs DAC.